Ship for Less.

Track Cargo in Real-Time.

Access Verified Carriers.

Pick My Load is a transport technology that connects shippers and professional, verified carriers across North America.

Why ship with Pick My Load?

Risk free

Either you lose 1 minute of your day, posting your load for free, or save up to 40% on your transportation services.

Verified carriers

We connect you with verified carriers. We check their references, insurances and safety ratings (C-TPAT, etc.).

Track your goods

Track your freight and get notified at every step of the transportation process.

We create your BOL and invoices for you

We automatically generate the invoices and BOL. We help you get organized.

Decrease your shipment costs

We connect you with the empty backhauling carrier. Find the right price to move your goods and make your organization more profitable.

Powerful analytics

Access our Analytics center and monitor your decreasing transportation spend. It's that easy.

Take shipping on the go with the Pick My Load mobile apps for iOS and Android, and never miss an opportunity again.

Find a carrier in less than 30 seconds

“Pick My Load is simple, efficient and on top of that, cheaper than alternatives. Its ease-of-use allows us to focus our efforts on operations, saving us valuable time and money. It's an innovative formula that's beneficial for all parties.”

François St-Pierre


“Pick My Load has been doing a great job reintroducing freedom in the freight industry. I can better control my shipment costs. This makes my business more competitive for my clients.”

Austin Driedger

Tretan Inc.

“As a SMB, we at Marcel Lauzon Inc see the obvious potential for reduced shipping cost Pick My Load offers us as well as our business partners. Not only that but as a company striving to attain higher eco-friendly standards, we can foresee a significant lowering of our carbon footprint in the future.”

Nicolas Rioux

Marcel Lauzon Inc.

Ship it the SmartWay! Pick My Load helps your business lower its carbon emissions by lowering empty driven miles.

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